Painter and Digital Artist


As a painter I am drawn to portraying the world around me in a way that take the raw materiality of the objects in reality and transforms them, therefore energy is a concern in my artistic practice – the energy of movement, of presence, being etc.

I am very inspired by a variety of artists and history including Dada, Kurt Schwitters, Van Gogh, The Die Brucke movement, expressionism, Francis Bacon and the London school.

My main aim with my work is to produce paintings that vibrate and feel alive by virtue of their own presence and my experimentation with what a brush and paint can do when left to go free. In this sense I am quite a raw artist, though I reject the title of outsider artist, despite being self taught as I think these are false distinctions.

What is an Artist Engineer

Artists must become the loops, so that they may reassemble
and create new loops in the system of reality

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  1. WOW!

    This is too clever for me Chris!

    This doesn’t sound unlike Patrick McKenna to me.

    I am a very amateur artist and I am NOT a poet.
    I have enjoyed my efforts at these pursuits despite my obvious lack of ability.

    I wish you well with your work and life as a Artist / Engineer, Chris!

    With Love!



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