Sheffield based Painter and artist


The Artist in the 21st century exists in a world of information overload and the emerging information society, the question should be then; how then can artists make sure that they steer their desires and will in a direction that guides whatever will emerge from the ruins of our post economic crash / post 911 world in a positive direction?

We propose that we can start by embracing a constructive chaos, and by becoming the cybernetic feedback loop in the flows of information that now largely dictate and guide our destinies. This means a constant reinvention, a perpetual reorganising of the collective unconscious, how does this relate to art? We must seek to create an art that reflects this informational chaos and seeks to reorganise it into a form that re-crafts our current story into an order that makes sense and both reflects and directs the energetic flows of the coming information society into systematic feedback loop of imaginative energy
and information.

What is an Artist Engineer

Artists must become the loops, so that they may reassemble
and create new loops in the system of reality

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