Chris Godber


As a painter I am drawn to portraying the world around me in a way that take the raw materiality of the objects in reality and transforms them, therefore energy is a concern in my artistic practice – the energy of movement, of presence, being etc.

My main aim with my work is to produce paintings that vibrate and feel alive by virtue of their own presence and my experimentation with what a brush and paint can do when left to go free.

In this sense I am quite a raw artist, though I reject the title of outsider artist, despite being self taught as I think these are false distinctions.

Chilly 25th oct 2015
Tree Smith and Priest Tudor watch as I trundle on through nothing

Skills and Experience

I have been painting in various studio practices since the age of 22, I started off as a painter in my parents garage around about the age of 21 as I wanted to explore my inner world. and an inner compulsion to create imagery and play with concepts which were swirling around my mind at that time,

My approach to art is multi-disciplinary and though I consider myself a painter first and foremost, I also produce drawings, prints, digital media and games, and edit films and music.

My concerns as an artist are many but mostly I want to use it to find answers, and to ask more questions. 


Solo Exhibitions

2014: 26th April to 4th May Drown in It : Paintings 2012 – 2014 at the No Format Gallery, Woolwich London

2012: Saturday May 21st to May 29th Manic Miner Solo Exhibition at Electric Picture House, Congleton, Cheshire.

2011: Saturday Feb 26th to March 4th Maelstrom Work 2009/2010 Solo Exhibition at Victoria Mill Art Centre, Congleton, Cheshire.

3rd October 2015 group show

Skills and Mediums

Some of my creative skills include

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Traditional Drawing
  • Monoprinting 
  • Film Editing and VFX with Adobe Premiere
  • Programming for the Web / Multimedia